Io Caligola/Gore Vidal’s Caligola (Caligula)

Direction: Tinto Brass

The administrative and judicial process of the film is very troubled. The First edition is granted the issuance of the authorization, provided that many cuts are made and it is prohibited to minors under 18. Upon release, the film is seized by order of the Court of Forlì and the director, the producer and the distributor are charged with obscenity. The Public Prosecutor of Forlì, after acknowledging the artistic value of the work, orders that the case be dismissed. The film is distributed again and a new seizure follows, by order of the Public Prosecutor of Rome. In 1983, a new version of the film is presented; the Committee by majority acknowledge the new identity of the edition and issue the authorization, prohibiting the film to minors under 18 and requesting some cuts, for a total of 177 meters.